Klaeny: recycle - refill - reuse

This company makes cleaning an environmental issue

You have it at home in almost unlimited quantities and pay hardly anything for it - we are talking about water. Conventional washing and cleaning products contain it right from production. This is exactly where the company klaeny comes in, because their aim is to make the world a little bit better with sustainable and environmentally friendly products such as washing-up liquid, universal cleaners and washing detergent.

The approach of the two klaeny founders, Jannes Meier and Nicolas Pless, is as simple as it is logical: The most common cleaning products, such as washing-up liquid, kitchen, glass, universal and bathroom cleaners can be purchased by customers in tab form and dissolved in water at home. The water is therefore not transported. This saves an average of 94 percent of the CO2 emissions that would otherwise be produced, just during transport. After all, a tab weighs significantly less than the 500-750 ml of additional liquid.
The use of reusable or recyclable bottles saves around 30 plastic bottles per household each year from ending up in landfill (in not properly recycled) Sounds little? With around 41.5 million households in Germany, this quickly adds up to 1.2 billion plastic bottles that could be saved - in Germany alone. And now? Practically enough, klaeny not only offers tabs, but also bottles that are made of 100 percent recycled PET bottles and that were even developed with the tabs for multiple use. This saves you up to 40 euros per year.

The cleaning tabs and matching bottles follow a tidy and clean design language, quite contrary to the clichéd look of conventional cleaning products. In addition, klaeny offers an environmentally friendly detergent that does not contain any microplastics. Furthermore, all of their products are vegan and produced in Germany.

The washing-up liquid

Even if you own a dishwasher, there is no getting around washing up. The klaeny washing-up liquid tabs do not contain any preservatives and only contain citric acid, which ensures that dirt is removed, anionic tensides, also known as washing-active substances, sodium salts, which ensure that the tab dissolves quickly, vanilla fragrances and foaming agents, because foam is simply part of the game.
When washing up, all you need to do is spray the liquid directly onto the dirty dishes. If there is more to clean, simply add 50 ml to the sink. At klaeny, the washing-up liquid can be recognised by its pink colour and is vegan, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The universal cleaner

Apart from washing up in the kitchen, cleaning in general is always on the agenda for every household. And klaeny offers a clean solution here too. The universal cleaner comes as a tab together with a bottle in a dusky pink colour. The cleaner itself has a fresh scent of aloe vera. This solution does not contain the foaming agent and only contains natural food colouring - but don't worry, of course these do not leave any residues. Unlike most products from conventional suppliers, it has a significantly less aggressive fragrance and skin compatibility due to its natural composition.


Starter Set - € 29.90

The detergent

A different product, a different approach - detergents are also an integral part of the household. In the recent past, the reputation of detergents has not necessarily improved, with 40 percent of the detergents tested by Ökotest containing microplastic. Consequently, it makes sense to choose a manufacturer that offers both a heavy-duty and a colour detergent completely without microplastics. The number of ingredients in klaenys powder detergents reads just as relaxed as it does in the other products: non-ionic and anionic surfactants as cleaners and washing-active substances, enzymes that allow you to achieve clean laundry at just 30 degrees, fragrances and other environmentally friendly washing aids. All biodegradable.

The heavy-duty and colour detergent is supplied in 2-kilo bags and gives off a light note of grapefruit (heavy-duty detergent) or bergamot (colour detergent) when washed. Depending on the water hardness, both packages are sufficient for 56 loads, resulting in a price of around 33 cents per wash - conventional suppliers are only just below this, but are rarely awarded the Blue Angel certificate (https://www.blauer-engel.de/en) or are dermatologically very well tested.


Colour detergent - € 24.90


Heavy-duty detergent - €24.90

Klaeny's sustainability concept does not stop at the product development stage. All ordered parcels are shipped in cartons made of willow grass, and these require around 96 percent less water during production than conventional packaging, which in turn contributes to a lower CO2 balance.
The more efficiently we use cleaning products and detergents not only helps to protect the environment but also allows us to significantly reduce our plastic waste. For example, the average global recycling rate of currently 407 million tonnes of plastic per year is just 14 and with klæny it is 100 percent.

- by Maximilian Immer