Climate Protection Measures Provide a Competitive Advantage

Interview with myclimate Deutschland

Why companies shouldn’t wait for a legislative body to drive them to adopt climate protection measures

Stefan Baumeister, managing director of the non-profit organisation myclimate tells us why companies shouldn’t wait for a legislative body to drive them to adopt climate protection measures.

How does myclimate support organisations to take action towards climate protection?

myclimate advises organisations in CO2 management and sustainability strategy. Because we have years of experience, we are familiar with many industries and company sizes. The services of myclimate range between simple emission calculations to extensive environmental performance evaluations of products, services, events, and organisations. We also offer CO2 management and compensation for unavoidable emissions, through top-notch climate protection projects.
Employee workshops, talks by experts, and additional educational offers are also part of our portfolio.

Both individuals and companies can use different myclimate emission calculators on to easily calculate their CO2 emissions and offset them.
All compensation payments and donations to myclimate are tax-deductible.

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How does the collaboration with myclimate work?
To put it simply, myclimate uses the professional software «myclimate smart 3» to calculate the yearly emissions of an organisation.
The data created serves as the foundation for continuous consulting on CO2 emission reduction measures.
myclimate works by the principles: avoid and reduce emissions where possible and offset unavoidable emissions. In addition, myclimate supports companies to make their climate protection engagement credible and transparent. We do this with the help of the myclimate label and extensive marketing materials that effectively communicate each climate protection project.

How is your holistic consulting offer received?
We noticed that there’s a high interest in the topic of CO2 management. Many companies have recognised that they can set themselves apart from their competitors through genuine commitment to climate protection. At the same time, more customers and suppliers expect that companies take responsibility for their direct and indirect impact on the environment and our climate. Last but not least, this aspect is of growing importance in the recruitment of specialised staff.

Why should an organisation decide to work with myclimate?
myclimate is an international initiative with its roots in Switzerland. It’s a nonprofit organization, and one of the top players globally to offer quality CO2-compensation measures.
Individuals, institutions, and organizations of every size and industry have been trusting myclimate for more than 10 years.
myclimate is also one of the pioneers in the development of top-notch climate protection projects. They are one of the leading climate protection partners with a global presence. 125 projects in more than 35 countries have been developed and supported by myclimate since it was founded. These projects don’t just reduce CO2 emissions, but actively help to achieve the UN’s Sustainability Goals (SDGs) on a social, economical, and ecological level.

Can you give us an insight into an interesting case study?
We have put together numerous myclimate success stories on our website.
We also regularly publish new case studies in our monthly newsletter. Those who are interested in our newsletter can subscribe here.

Stefan Baumeister, managing director myclimate Deutschland

This interview was created in collaboration with myclimate Deutschland.

*- by Katharina Alf