New Year, new try

New Year's resolutions are usually damned and not always fulfilled. This is just how it works

It's New Year's Eve and your New Year's baggage is full of resolutions that you really couldn't follow through during the last year. After all, Corona threw a spanner in the works and hopefully everything will be better in the new year. According to a survey by the statistics platform Statista, the top resolutions again this year are "eat healthier" with 52 percent of respondents, "exercise more" with 47 percent and "lose weight" with 38 percent. Behind them come "spend more time with family/friends" and "live more frugally" with 36 percent.

Is your resolution one of them? Then good luck and don't give up, because every year an average of about two-thirds of all resolutions are not carried out. The fact that most of the good intentions for the coming year fail is not due to the goal in general. As is so often the case, the problem lies in the details. Here are five hints on how you can safely cross your New Year's resolutions off your to-do list next New Year's Eve.

© Tim Mossholder

1. Set realistic goals
If we look at the most frequently chosen New Year's resolutions of all time, sport is very high on the list. More precisely, for men something like "I want to have a six-pack" and for women "I want my bikini figure back". For this, the status quo should be considered first and foremost. In other words: where do you stand with your body right now? Do you need to lose 15 kilos or is it more like five? In addition, all circumstances should be considered. Do you want to lose 15 kilos, have two children at home and a stressful job? Maybe it is possible, but only with severe cuts in everyday life. Then there is the question of whether this type of weight loss is sustainable - in other words, whether it will still be successful in 2022. Those who are happy with being so fit once in their lives can do so. Those who want longer-term success should work more slowly and realistically on a general lifestyle change.

2. Keep the goals as specific as possible
Likewise, one of the all-time favourites is healthier eating. But what does that actually mean exactly? Eating more fruit, and if so, how much and over what period of time? Or simply ordering less and cooking more? Good examples here would be: "Eat two pieces of fruit every day" or "only order food twice a month". Keep your annual plans as concrete as possible. This will make your goal more tangible and will ultimately be more successful than a vague formulation.

3. Set milestones
This year it should be a more conscious use of social media - nice thought, but here too it helps to look more closely, in addition to a more concrete and realistic formulation, of course. For example, are you employed in an agency and work a lot with and on Instagram? Then you should check after a few weeks, for example four, whether the goal is still realistic. If so, set yourself milestones. Think about what you would like to achieve within the next month. Work in smaller steps, this makes the project more tangible and does not seem so big.

4. Involve the outside world
While we're talking about Instagram and co. Involve the community. Make your New Year's resolutions public and report on them once a week, for example. Alternatively, you can write a small blog or tell your family and friends about it. All of this increases the pressure and you no longer have to justify to yourself why you spent the evening on the couch with the pizza box rather than first in the kitchen and then on the couch.

5. Place memories cleverly
Once written down, they already dim in the mind and become fading memories. If you make small reminders for yourself, for example in the form of notes on your mobile phone or laptop backgrounds, you are more likely to stick to them, after all, you are reminded of them every time you look at the device. Other good places for reminders are the mirror: for every resolution, the fridge: for everything to do with food, or the wardrobe: for specific sports goals.

If you now know how to successfully carry out a resolution but still need a good idea, you can help yourself to the following suggestions:

1. Fewer flights
Due to the Corona pandemic, people travelled less and when they did, they travelled as fast as possible - i.e. mostly by plane. Especially for short distances, however, there are much more sustainable alternatives - the train, electric or hybrid cars. And if you do have to fly, you can offset your flights with myclimate.

2. Doing more good
Whether on a small, private scale or on an international level. There are plenty of fundraising organisations that need help in the form of donations such as your time or money. One approach is: With every luxury good purchase, a certain percentage of the monetary value can be donated. If the new sneakers cost 100 euros, 10, 20 or 50 percent of the value could be donated to a charity of your choice.

3. Sustainable shopping
We all need new things at some point, but we can also buy them sustainably. Sneakers, shirts and even everyday items like cleaning products can be made from recycled materials and can be timelessly fashionable.

- by Maximilian Immer