aware_ x adidas - awareness yoga

Berlin - October 2019

To give our female community a deeper insight into the topic "Awareness & Mindfulness", we have teamed up with the #LadiesSaturdate of adidas RUNBASE Berlin.

Mindfulness can not only change how we think about social and environmental crises that affect our world, but can also help us to take the actions needed to build a more sustainable society. In the course of an Awareness Workshop, a group of great women gained a deeper insight into how to deal consciously with one's body and environment at the same time.
The workshop was a combination of theoretical basis and practical implementation of what had been learned.

Dr. Marina Wagner, PhD ArtesHumanis, emphasized the importance of our physical intelligence in a 20-minute workshop and showed how to access it to improve one's mindfulness and abilities. She taught the most important forms of ArtesHumanis programs, through which a deep connection with the center is established - a prerequisite for the development of balance, inner strength and performance.

Mara Daniela Sandrasekaram Overbeck, High Performance Coach, gave a lecture on "Sustainable Awareness in Everyday Life" and gave a deeper insight into how you can recognize what kind of person you are - dynamic, economic, sensitive? In addition, the participants learned how to create circumstances for a moment of self-love and how to adapt their daily structures to their cycle.

Melissa Pond, Yoga Teacher, gave an inspiring Yoga Flow course where participants could put their new knowledge of physical awareness into practice.

Hannah Willemsen, Nutrition Coach, gave an exciting presentation on sustainable nutrition in which she explained the six principles of sustainable nutrition.

A vegetarian lunch, which offered time for exchange and networking, rounded off the workshop.

Look forward to our next event. #soon

Mara Daniela Sandrasekaram Overbeck, High Performance Coach

Hannah Willemsen, Adidas Nutrition Coach

Dr. Martina Wagner, phD ArtesHumanis