A plant with superpowers for a more sustainable planet

Subtitle: Here are 5 uses for hemp and how it fits into your modern lifestyle

Hemp is not just a fancy topping for your smoothie bowl. You might know it as a powerful superfood that contains healthy fatty acids like omega-3s and omega-6s. But the humble hemp is actually much more versatile than that.

Why hemp?

  • it grows with little water and no pesticides
  • it’s biodegradable
  • there’s little to no waste, because all parts of the plant can be used
  • it captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, making the air we breathe cleaner

For these reasons hemp makes the perfect sustainable material for a variety of lifestyle products. Someone even built an entire sports car from hemp (true story!).

Let’s have a look at how hemp can be used as part of a modern, sustainable lifestyle:


Hempcrete is made from the woody core of the hemp plant and can replace traditional concrete when mixed with a lime-based binder and water.
Hempcrete is not a new thing. It dates back to the Roman times when they used this material to build bridges for example.

“The overall environmental footprint is also dramatically lower than traditional construction.” - according to this article.


This home was built with hempcrete for example. Because the material has thermal qualities, it is ideal for most climates, keeping the home cool in summer, and warm in winter.

What do you think? Will your future home be built using hempcrete?


Your kicks don’t always have to be made of leather, plastic or other environmentally harmful materials.
Not only are hemp fabrics produced under more ethical conditions than traditional fabrics, the material is also breathable and keeps a constant temperature. So whether you’re out for a run breaking a sweat or walking through windy streets, hemp shoes will regulate your temperature.

This company makes stylish shoes from hemp fabrics.



If we can make buildings using hemp, it only makes sense that we’re also able to build furniture using the material.

Many furniture (and clothes) are made of harmful synthetic fibres or ‘micro-plastics’. These are harmful to the environment and can even get into the water we drink, causing health problems.

Check out these hemp chairs made by Studio Asslinger, a modern industrial design studio based in Berlin:



We all know that the way most traditional clothes are made is flawed. It’s unethical, a burden on our environment, and the quality often suffers, too.

That’s why hemp is an amazing material - which is also more ethical. Plus it has been shown to have antibacterial properties slowing the risk of spreading infections.

Hemp is therefore booming in the fashion industry. It’s used to make everything from simple, soft T-shirts to beautiful floral prints.



When you cold-press hemp seeds you get a nutrient dense hemp oil. It acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory substance because of its omega-6 fatty acid content.
It can also moderate oil production and has anti-aging properties. These are the perfect ingredients for a skin care product.


Hempme is an Australian skin care, creating products like hemp face cream and cleanser.
“In terms of natural skin care, hemp seed oils unique combination of healthy fats, antioxidants and antibacterial properties puts it in a league of its own.” - Hempme

Let’s embrace this wondrous plant and incorporate it into our daily lives more. Because when we do, we are making the planet a more sustainable and ethical place.
Which hemp products will you try out?

By Katharina Alf

Note: this is not a sponsored article. The products and companies featured in this article were found through research or testing.