Laundry Detergent - All Purpose

€ 24.90
incl. 19% VAT + shipping costs
recycled or recycleable
raw matrials from organic farming
resource saving
pollutant - reduced production


56x wash loads of color detergent (2kg)

For radiantly clean laundry without a guilty conscience.
Sustainable detergent without microplastics.
Easily biodegradable.
Eu-Ecolabel certified.
Certified by 'Blauer Engel'
Dermatologically tested with "very good".
Made in Germany.

Scent: Grapefruit (heavy duty detergent)

With every set sold we plant a tree.

Materials & Ingredients

Box: completely biodegradable storage box made of wheat straw

Detergent: The detergents are designed to achieve radiant laundry even in small quantities and at low temperatures, without unnecessarily polluting the environment.
Anionic surfactants
They are the "washing-active" substances in the detergents, which are optimally dosed to clean without leaving residues.

Nonionic surfactants
The cleaners: The surfactants ensure that the dirt is washed off without any problems. These are naturally biodegradable and sustainably produced.

By using enzymes we can guarantee clean laundry even at low temperatures from 30°. This primarily saves energy and emissions and ist most cost effective.

The Feel-Good-Manager: Again, allergen-free fragrances are used. After cleaning, your colored laundry has a pleasant bergamot scent and your whites a summery grapefruit scent.

Washing Auxiliaries
The detergents also contain other ingredients. You can be sure that what is needed only is used and that all environmental aspects are respected.

Production Details

Made in Germany