WILDBAG 35L (15 rolls)

€ 52.35 €
incl. 19% VAT + shipping costs
resource saving
recycled or recycleable
fair & social
CO2 saving


The smallest size and a real all-rounder. Fits for your trash can under the sink, in the office or even in the van on the next road trip. And the wild eyes on the WILDBAG always have your trash in sight. Each roll of WILDBAGS is unique, because wild plastic waste always looks different.

Size: 550 x 750mm without drawstring

Box of 15 rolls (12 pcs / roll)


Material: recycled plastic

Knowing how much plastic is dumped into the environment, the question arises: Why not make new recyclable products from existing materials and thus avoid the production of new plastic? Recycle instead of using more and more resources. Make products that clean up the planet. That's what WILDPLASTIC stands for. That's why the WILDBAG is made of wild plastic and is completely recyclable.


... cleans up the environment
... enables better wages for collectors
... saves up to 60% CO2 compared to new plastics