Bedding Set Cotton Satin Natural

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fair & social
CO2 saving
raw matrials from organic farming


This Natural cotton sateen bedding set with pillowcases is made from the finest yarn and the softest 100% organic and Fairtrade cotton. So completely pure and fair. Pamper your skin.


  • 1.164 liters of water saved
  • 2,5 kilo CO2 emissions avoided
  • 9,3 m2 Soil Saving of pesticides

Product Details

Super soft, luxurious 100% ecological bedding with one or two pillowcases in Natural. The cover has an envelope and a partially closed bottom so your blanket won't slip. When you are not using the turn-in, you can simply fold it inward. The pillowcase also has an envelope, so your pillow stays in place at night. It has standard dimensions of 80x80 cm.

For the beautiful bedding, Yumeko has chosen a thread count of 300. This means that 300 threads per square inch are used. This requires very fine threads. These fine threads ensure that Yumeko's bedding is incredibly soft and supple. Pure luxury. For your skin and for the world.

The 100% organic cotton from India has never been in contact with pesticides or other bad chemicals, making it clean, safe and kind to your skin. It meets the strict requirements of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). So you can be sure that your bedding is 100% organic. Better for yourself and better for the world. Especially when you know that each conventional comforter cover for one person uses an average of one kilo of chemicals.

Yumeko focuses on working with local cotton farmers in India to produce bedding. We purchase our cotton from these farmers under the strict guidelines of Fairtrade. This allows us to offer the farmers a fair payment, which in turn gives them the opportunity to provide financially for their families and take their future into their own hands. Through honest pricing, the local people themselves have the chance to advocate for and finance better environmental conditions, social security, schools and education for the children. This is how we think the world gets a little better every day. And it also makes it easier to sleep.


Materials: 100% organic cotton, satin woven

Closure: Tuck in strip (40 cm)

Production: Made in India