Bedding Set Cotton Tencel™ Evergreen

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fair & social
CO2 saving
raw matrials from organic farming


Stylish solid color bedding sets made from sustainable cotton Tencel™, a supple, all-vegetable fabric of the highest quality. It's a great way to sleep and wake up.


  • 233 liters of water saved
  • 3.7 kilo CO2 emissions avoided
  • 2,8 m2 Soil Saving of pesticides

Product Details

This bedding set will take your bedroom straight to a higher level, as stylish as it is. This comes not only from the beautiful color, but also from the unique fabric; it is a combination of organic cotton and Tencel™, a fiber made from wood fibers that are processed into wonderfully soft fabrics. To create an even higher quality fabric, we combined 40% Tencel™ with 60% organic cotton. The result is a soft, supple fabric that lasts, doesn't quickly form snags and barely wrinkles. This unique fabric is woven in Portugal and carries our own Yumeko Says OK seal of approval.

The addition of Tencel™ also brings a significant benefit to the environment. The production of this material requires less CO2, 49% less than the production of common cotton. The difference between the CO2 emissions for a bedding set for one person made of cotton Tencel™ and common cotton is 15 kilos of CO2 (comparable to a car trip from Amsterdam to Paris).


Materials: 60% organic cotton, 40% Tencel™ (made from wood pulp from unsprayed trees)

Closure: With envelope, partly closed bottom

Production: Made in Portugal