Bedding Set Washed Linen Earth Blue

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fair & social
CO2 saving
raw matrials from organic farming


Sleeping under a bedding set made of washed linen is a wonderful feeling. Linen is a comfortable and super strong fabric, which becomes more beautiful and softer with time - linen lives!


  • 1.828 liters of water saved
  • 19.6 kilo CO2 emissions avoided
  • 14.9 m2 Soil Saving of pesticides

Product Details

Linen is a fabric with character, you can see it directly. Due to the firm yarn, the fabric is not completely smooth and wrinkles in a natural way, it is not necessary to iron it. This does not mean that your comforter cover will look messy, on the contrary, the fabric has a luxurious look. Besides, linen will only get stronger, more beautiful and softer the more you wash it. The fabric is also colorfast.

Besides being beautiful to look at and great to touch, linen has a lot of other benefits. The fabric has great durability and has a much longer life than cotton. Linen has good breathable properties, is cool in summer and warm in winter, and is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Linen can absorb 20 percent of its weight in moisture without feeling clammy.

This Washed Linen Natural Set is made from French flax. The plant is harvested whole, and the production process is even more sustainable than organic cotton, using four times less water. The flax plant is strong but does not tolerate artificial fertilizers, so chemical insecticides and weed killers are not allowed in its cultivation. The fabric is spun and woven in a SA.8000 certificate awarded factory; the certificate guarantees that the factory has good social conditions in terms of safety, working hours, wages and minimum age.


Materials: 100% linen

Closure: Bottle neck, with tuck in strip (40 cm)

Production: Made in Portugal